Seeking a Director of Loss Control

Seeking a Director of Loss Control


Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association

Tempe, AZ

The Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association, Inc. (GCSECA), a regional trade association of electric cooperatives and public power utilities, seeks qualified applicants with proven related experience for the position of Loss Control and Safety Director

The Loss Control and Safety Director (Director) provides overall planning, budgeting, administration and delivery of safety and training instruction and programs to employees of our member organizations. Within established policies and procedures, the Director assumes responsibility and has commensurate authority as delegated by the chief executive officer to:

1. Loss Control Program

  • Formulate and recommend policies and/or procedures in the loss control area.
  • Recommend improvements within member system work practices.
  • Coordinate the Loss Control Program.
  • Establish an effective relationship with member system management and supervisory personnel and gain their support for the Loss Control Program. 
  • Recognize that member system supervisors are the first line of Loss Control for personnel and assist them in the Loss Control area.
  • Establish an inspection program available to all member systems for the purpose of determining loss control conditions in specific areas at the member systems’ facilities.
  • Assist member systems in the organization of Loss Control meetings as required and requested.
  • Obtain teaching aids and conduct Loss Control meetings as required and requested.
  • Investigate with system management and supervision, all fatalities and extremely serious accidents and issue complete investigative reports to system management. Must understand root cause analysis.
  • Keep and maintain accurate records and files of all accidents within the GCSECA Loss Control Program participating member systems.
  • Maintain a valid First aid/CPR instructor card. Maintain all instructor updates and maintain GCSECA training center.
  • Act as Area Administrator and assist member systems in pursuing and attaining NRECA Safety Accreditation.
  • Discuss loss control with local Boards as requested by the system manager.
  • Develop and publish a program itinerary at least one month ahead of scheduled visits to member systems.
  • Develop and monitor the annual budget for the Loss Control Program.
  • Keep abreast of trends and developments in the Loss Control Field and analyze for possible improvements to the existing programs.
  • Make recommendations to the Loss Control Committee based on the analysis of long range needs of member systems in areas such as, but not limited to: Apprenticeship training and government regulations.
  • Participate in job related meetings, seminars and conventions as approved in the Loss Control budget.
  • Create quarterly board reports and monthly articles for various statewide publications.

2. Safety Training

  • Recommend training methods where possible; especially where safe work practices can be developed.  Recommend training courses for trades and crafts jobs which will improve the skills and work habits of the employees.
  • Assist member system management and supervisors in training their employees.
  • Observe areas of work and recommend special training where needed.
  • Organize and develop an annual Linemen’s Workshop and other workshops as needed.
  • Organize and develop a bi-annual Meter School.
  • Perform inspections on ladders, harness, slings, chains and hand tools.

3. Establish and maintain positive relationships with

  • Fellow GCSECA employees and GCSECA Loss Control Committee members.
  • Member Systems – Provide advice and assistance in Loss Control; consider participant suggestions for program improvement

Contact Person:    Lianna Lewis    Phone:    602-286-6925
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